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TheVendorCity is in search of a core team of vendors to have at the majority of events to come.

“Lot’s of space available to use but limited.

We are in the beginning stages seeking partners, sponsors, and a core team of vendors to produce multiple meet and ups throughout the year in 2017. If a certain amount of vendors do not sign up and pay before the date proposed TheVendorCity will have to move the date. “TheVendorCity will not operate with less than twenty vendors. We are sorry and will work with vendors to make a refund to you in the amount your refund was set at in the vendor agreement at the time you paid.

In the event something may happen out of our reach of responsibility such as the city not approving the venue before the date; that is out of TheVendorCities hands and we are not responsible for any damages that you and or your company may incur for missing empty schedule. This is why TheVendorCity notifies all vendors that are involved if changes occur.

All vendors must be flexible and are treated as a member and not a customer.

If an event date is moved it is to protect the potential damages that may occur in the result of injury, sickness, and or negligence of compliance to the city rules and venue we are to use. Sometimes the venue may cancel. TheVendorCity does not want to get in trouble for putting anyone in danger for any reason. And or make anyone upset.

All vendors that have paid will be notified and sent a receipt after payment. You are then expected to work with TheVendorCity to achieve successful events planned all year long and good advertising. Communicate well and appreciate one another for future business. All vendors are to understand this and are expected to be flexible in their schedules. TheVendorCity name and brand is a start up and is a grass roots agency, company, and event series.

We ask for cooperation and networking as a member. TheVendorCity is an advertising platform for vendors to advertise on. We accept payments for advertising on this website through a Paypal registered business account as well as event space. Refunds are rare because we are so new. Refunds and are listed in the vendor agreement we send you before you make a payment for advertising and event space at future dates TheVendor city has planned.

TheVendorCity has many dates planned all year long.

As of 12/20/2016 there are no refunds due to the low prices TheVendorCity offers. If you paid before then you will get a refund if you missed a date for any reason if, you requested one before 12/20/2016. This is to protect TheVendorCity and it’s operation to develop in it’s beginning stages. Please be patient. After: 12/20/2016-  For any events TheVendorCity plans and may end up canceling, your space will simply be moved to another date we have and your space will be there for you to vend at. If such disaster happens we expect for you to remain professional and not threaten us for any misunderstandings that you may have about our agreement from when you signed up and paid.

TheVendorCity works with larger events and festivals and we will not tolerate aggressive vendors towards us and or any other company that we may communicate with. Our vendor list is building and so are our private companies lists that offer services to the public. It is all of our duties as adults to make good decisions and act like adults and not threaten others when you are angry and may not understand the agreement. All are refunds are a standard thirty days. If we make arrangements with you outside of our policy we are going out of our way for you.

Join TheVendorCity as we plan to set the standard of quality of relationships between the vendor and festivals that are booking vendors. We understand. Our agency will provide outsourced service to handle the business by and between vendors and events. Email your vendor prices and we will lead your vendors right to you all ready to go. No more vendor filtering! Let us do the service administration work and see your productivity go way up. We offer % on commissions for each vendor you get. So if you are an event coordinator, we are your outsourced solution.

“Sponsor logo here, that could be you.”

When you make a payment you are allowing TheVendorCity to use media from websites and or social media sites you own to promote your business. When you make a payment your company is paying for advertising with our agency. TheVendorCity is charging for advertising. We hope you understand. may also create media for you and or promote your company, business and or service that you have and use time and resources to achieve these tasks. This costs time and money. You must register online, be approved, and sign the vendor agreement to be included on dates planned.

You must complete the vendor agreement sign the document and send a copy back to the before the deadline TheVendorCity and the Venue may have to meet city planning and other costs such as renting porta potties. “These items cost lot’s of money.” Please be aware TheVendorCity has many costs on top of what we collect through our experience of becoming a new named event brand and agency outside of event planning.

TheVendorCity is seeking the right sponsors, the right vendors, and right people for future dates we book, so TheVendorCity can advertise your brand. email: TheVendorCity is advertising by roadside signs, Facebook, Facebook Groups, EventBrite, Craigslist, Direct Email, Email Lists, and our partnering food truck members. We are anticipating to lease property for vendors to use from us.

Please look for new announcements on our website to keep you updated. As we grow and change so may our rules and or policy. Your business is highly appreciated. Please email us for any questions, we would like to hear from you. If you do not have a flexible schedule please let us know before making a payment.

TheVendorCity a flexible and growing brand and we need all the support we can get so TheVendorCity may give back to the people of the city we live in. If you are a charity and would like to connect with us please contact us.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this webpage please email us.  “Our vision is as big as you can think”


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